Bella, the highly anticipated new book from Revenant Publishing, is a collection of paintings and illustrations from over 130 artists celebrating the female form. Each artist brings with them their own style and insight to make Bella a diverse collection of the beauty and complexity of the female subject. The artwork moves gracefully from one interpretation to the next, from the glamorous to the unsettling, from the innocence of youth to the onset of old age. All facets of womanhood are represented within its pages. Sure to be a must have for any artist or collector. Size:9x12"
The Standard Series:
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This book is presented in two versions, a standard hardbound edition, and a limited series of 250, that features hardbound linen cover and slipcase, silk book marker, gilded page edges and comes with a limited edition high quality, 11x14" giclee print of the painting done exclusively for the book by the Checker Demon himself--Luke Atkinson!

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Limited Edition Series:
This highly collectible version of Bella is guaranteed to be a must-have for any artist, studio, or enthusiast. Each limited edition book is hardbound and comes specially packaged with a gold gilded hard slipcase, silk bookmarker, gilded page ends, and a limited edition, high quality, 11x14" giclee print of the painting done exclusively for the book by Luke Atkinson. Limited to 250, these are sure to go fast, so gets yours today!
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Contributing Artists
Aaron Coleman
Eric Doyle
Joseph Ari Aloi(JK5) NikkiBalls
Adam Barton
Eric Jones Josh Brown Ollie Lonien
Alex Adams
Erik Desmond Katja Ramirez Phil Holt
Andrew Connor
Erik Reith Kelu Regino Gonzales
Angelique Houtkamp
Filip Leu Klem Richard Stell
Annliza Sutton
George Campise Kurt Wiscombe Robert Ryan
Bailey Robinson
George The Painter Lalo Cota Rodney Raines
Heath G. Preheim Lango Ron Koupal
Bert Krak
Hiro Lee Hanna Scott Sylvia
BJ Betts
Horitaka Luke Atkinson Sean Harrington
Brian Bruno
Horitomo Mando Rascon Seth Wood
Bryan Burke
Horiyoshi III Marco Cerretelli Shad
Carlos Truan
Horiyuki Marco Hernandez Shag
Carnie Marnie
Hudge Marius Meyer Shawn Barber
Casey Cokrlic
Hunter R. Spanks Martin LaCasse Shige
Catarina Mac
Jack Mosher Matt Arriola Soner
Chad Koeplinger
Jason Anderson Matt Dickson Soup
Christopher Conn Askew
Jason Brooks Megan Spendlove Steve Boltz
Chris Erickson
Jason Kundell Mick Tattoo Steve Byrne
Chris Lain
Jason Loui Miguel Montgomery Stina Swesey
Cory Lenherr
Jason McAfee Mike Dorsey Stuart G. Cripwell
Cody Miller
Jason Tyler Grace Mike Ledger Tim Lehi
Cory Rogers
Javi Castaño Mike Rennie Timothy Hoyer
Dan Sinnes
Javi Rodriguez Santos Mike Roper Titine Leu
Dan Trocchio
Jay Chastain Mike Schweigert Todd Noble Holloway
Dana Helmuth
Jeff Rassier Mike Shea Uncle Allan
Daniel Albrigo
Jeff Srsic Mike Wilson Weldon Lewis
Daniel Wysuph
Jens Mac Wido De Marval
Danny Reed
Jeremy Swed Mo Cappoletta Will Lollie
Dave Leamon
Jimmy Coffin Mutsuo Wylie Perry
David Cavalcante
Joel Long Mykil Zep Yuko Yabuki
Diego Azaldegui
Joey Ortega Nate Beavers
Edu Cerro
John Hall Nick Ley
Eli Quinters
John Reardon Nick Rodin
Samples from Bella
Timothy Hoyer Stuart G. Cripwell
"Beating the Whole Violence and Beauty Thing to Death" "H.M.S. Mary Rose"
watercolor on paper, 11x14in. ink and watercolor on paper, 11x14in.
Jeff Rassier
Mike Wilson
"Panther Girl"
ink on paper, 11x14in.
watercolor on paper,11x14in.
Chris Erikson Diego Azaldegui
"Yamauba" Untitled
ink and watercolor on paper, 11x14in.
chinese ink and acrylics on paper, 11x14in.